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Consideration about the price of automatic dealing software

First of all, is a reasonable price in FX automatic dealing software (EA) made for the purpose of increasing money with money?
It is a thing with Colet strange originally itself called the price with those who begin by 100,000, and same person of 10 million.
Moreover, if there is EA whose money continues increasing certainly by neglect every year, it is not so strange even if a what 100 million more yen and what 1 billion yen value attaches Sole by a buyer.
If it is the special thing which used the defect of the trading system, it may be possible one, but it will be corrected immediately.
Although Sole is aimed at wholly, of course, it is a fact well-known for an investor that there is not Sole.
If it turns round, as it being nothing that it was a chalice, the uncertain future will deny all.
As [ suit / return the talk, and call it ... with difficult market-making, or / the price ]
The existence of value is determined only as a performance and other software is differed from.
(It is ... although a price must still be attached as a sale side)
If it uses and it does not produce profits noting that 2000 yen trading rules and EA are thought general to be cheap, it is not necessary to say that there is no value in itself in any way.

There are those [ no ] who want to use even if EA out of which profits do not come gets money.

It is exhausted to use such a thing to the thing which cannot evaluate a back test result justly and which てい is as for nothing.
The back test function of MT4 is Hideyasu, and it is acquiring the information on only from an equity curve to this extent, and can perform the judgment of propriety.

Character and performance of EA which are guessed from the property increase and decrease of a curve of MT4 back test
Receiving, W2C-Matthew is,

By 483?540 trades/year, 1 million yen is 1,870,000 yen in one year.   It becomes the calculation which exceeds the purchase price (54,000 yen) in => 3 week.
however -- 970,000 -- a yen - 2,550,000 -- a yen -- /-- a year -- six -- income tax years -- it is -- since -- varying -- it is large ----@

Although this is that there is no difference in a forward and a back test and is still short during the period, denial regards it as the ability to prove to a difficult grade.

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