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The real-time results by myfxbook are exhibited.

W2C-Matthew is doing 1 / 23- public presentation of the real-time results by myfxbook as a realistic forward test this year.

About the two forward test methods
1.Wolk forward test 
For example, the method of remaining and checking by one income tax year which is not optimizing and using EA using the four income tax years when 4 value data for the past five years is held.
The degree of curve fitting can be checked in a development phase.
2.Realistic forward test
Actually check with the logic and the parameter which were completed using a trade system.
It is a fault that a check takes time although it thinks that reliance is high compared with the former.

Since it had been stacked by the result near a back test ( ), it reports below.

Please employ in your EA portfolio throat middle.

Continuation → HERE

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